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Dog & Rat Are Best Friends: Cute Dog Video

dog rat video, cute dog video

Cats chase mice and rats, but dogs are their best friends! In the cute dog video above, a little pup becomes quite playful with his owner’s pet rat. He flops around on the floor while the rat hops around, trying to make contact with him. Oddly enough, the rat just …

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Halloween Dog Tricks: Cute Dog Videos

dog halloween tricks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwwTRwKPH_o Getting your dog to shake-a-paw or sit down are pretty standard dog tricks– but what if you could teach your dog to trick-or-treat? Yeah, that would be pretty cool. Well, this owner has taught their dogs how to do that and more. The dogs pick up the trick-or-treat baskets …

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My Dog’s Will: Cute Dog Videos

cute dog videos, dogs will

In this cute dog video, a little dog and his owner, Toby, discuss wills. The dog claims he’s leaving everything to his owner. “What would you leave me? Your toys? Maybe the sticks you bring in sometimes?” the owner asks. “You know how I pee on things?” “Yes, I do …

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