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Genetic Testing for Pets Catching Up

genetic testing dogs

(SAN ANTONIO, Aug. 9, 2016, AVMA Annual Convention)   Just like doctors can tell humans what diseases they are predisposed to, a vet will soon be able to tell how likely a dog is to develop heart disease, allergies or hip dysplasia. “Veterinarians are becoming savvier in understanding genetic predispositions,” said Dr. Jerold …

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Hacks for a Happier Dog

dog hacks, cute dog pics, cute dog pictures

We want to say THANK YOU for being a reader of Yo Doggy Dog. Since we started Yo Doggy Dog, we’ve had 2 major goals: To make your dog’s life better To make your life better as a dog owner or dog lover Whether posting hilarious dog videos or informative …

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Humane Association Unveils HUGE Animal Rescue Vehicle

American Humane Association new rescue truck vehicle

To celebrate its 100th anniversary of rescuing animals from war, hurricanes, floods and wildfires, the American Humane Association unveiled a gigantic gift. A giant 50-foot-long animal rescue truck is dedicated to helping animals caught in natural disasters and manmade crises such as hoarding and cruelty cases. Funded by the Kirkpatrick Foundation, …

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