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Pug Poops Fire: UNREAL

dog pooping fire

It’s fair to say that our dog’s poops can be pretty… explosive … at times. But this is a whole new level. In the hilarious dog video above, a pug poops fire while narrating his experience. “We have lift off Houston,” he says. “Oh boy, oh boy”

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My Dog’s Will: Cute Dog Videos

cute dog videos, dogs will

In this cute dog video, a little dog and his owner, Toby, discuss wills. The dog claims he’s leaving everything to his owner. “What would you leave me? Your toys? Maybe the sticks you bring in sometimes?” the owner asks. “You know how I pee on things?” “Yes, I do …

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The Talking Dog Show: Cute Dog Videos

dog show, cute dog videos

This video is GAURENTEED to make you laugh at one point or another. In this cute dog video, an owner invites his little doggy to be on his show. But the show doesn’t really start since the dog has a whole lot of sass! “Who told you it was okay …

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Dog Cleverly Tells Owner to STFU

smart dog, intelligent, dog telling owner to stfu

As humans, we have the pleasure of being able to tell people to STFU verbally. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have that same luxury. Except for one dog. He has had enough and has found clever ways to tell his owner. From shushing his owner with his paw to keeping him from …

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