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This Is How You Need to Be Choosing Your Las Vegas Dog Walker | 4 Tips


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When it comes to who walks your pup, you probably take it more seriously than what non-dog owners think.

After all, your canine is like your baby.

Similar to a baby sitter, a dog walker needs to be someone you can trust to come inside your home and take care of your 4-legged friend.

But how do you know who is safe? Should you turn to corporate-owned apps? Or should you contact a locally-owned company instead?

In this guide, we’re sharing 4 things you need to look for when choosing a dog walker or dog walking service.


What to Look for in a Las Vegas Dog Walker

Here’s some tips when choosing someone to walk your dog while at work or away.

#1 Free Love Included

Dog walking isn’t just dog walking. The person needs to actually care about your pet’s well-being and know what to do if they’re in harm’s way. If you’re not there for an extended period of time, they may need to take on additional tasks, such as feeding your pup. They should also engage them rather than simply strapping them in for exercise. Look for providers who will partake in a good game of fetch and give your dog the love they miss throughout the day.


#2 Vetted Staff

Anyone can put up a dog walking ad, but not everyone can be trusted. Ensure that the dog walker is vetted by you or the service they’re a part of. Of course, you want to be sure they can be trusted with the key to your house or apartment. But more importantly, you have to ensure they’re good with animals and will treat your dog properly.



#3 Training

You may not think that a dog walker needs training; they’re just walking dogs. But if you think about it, dog walking actually requires skills. People who have never owned or been around dogs may not know how to act in certain situations. If they’re walking multiple dogs at a time, they may be unsure how to control them fairly. Or, worse, they may not care about animals at all and just need the cash. Be sure the service you sign up with provides training to their employees. Make sure the individual dog walkers actually have a passion for dogs; these are the people who will treat your canine best.


#4 Donates Portion of Profit

If you’re an animal lover, it makes sense to choose services that give back to dogs. You’ll feel a little better knowing that your extra bill is helping less fortunate pups. Many major service apps don’t contribute anything, so this is where local choices really shine and make a difference. For example, Fur Walk, a Las Vegas dog walker service, gives $1 per walk to the state’s Animal Foundation to help with low-cost vaccines, care and adoptions.


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