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Tough Mudder Launches Adorable New Event Series “Baby Puppy Mudder”

Big eyes, chubby cheeks and giggling all come together in Tough Mudder’s newest – and arguably most adorable – event series.

“Baby Puppy Mudder” is a mini-obstacle challenge designed to entertain adventure-seeking babies and their four-legged furry companions who “pawsitively” enjoy getting a little dirty.

The event is being launched in support of the North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

In the spirit of Tough Mudder’s 2018 “Tougher Together” campaign, Baby Puppy Mudder will inspire the entire family to experience the company’s core values of teamwork, camaraderie and having fun – with a childish twist. While no beer will be served at the finish lines; an assortment of organic snacks and chew toys will be awaiting the newest generation of legionnaires.

“We’re doggone thrilled to grow our family of over three million participants worldwide by welcoming some cute and slobbery ‘mini’ Mudders along with their loyal pooches,” said Jesse “Pit” Bull, Tough Mudder SVP of Product and Content. “It’s a dog eat dog world, so Baby Puppy Mudder is a great way to encourage these daring little tykes and doggies to escape traditional playtime rituals and instead burn energy by overcoming obstacles through teamwork and, well, being as adorable as possible together.”

The Baby Puppy Mudder course features mini-obstacles specially crafted for chewing, throwing, and even hiding for later. Obstacles like the outrageously wet and muddy “Dirty Diaper,” “Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater,” “Rawhide Revenge,” “Doggy Ate My Homework,” “Baby Got Back,” “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and “Romper Room Surprise.”

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