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Watch Your Dog From ANYWHERE: 6 Best Pet Cameras According to Reviews


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Who wants to be away from their dog?

No one.

With a dog webcam, you can see your dog from anywhere. You simply plug the camera in and view what’s happening on the app.

There’s a few different models: some cheap, some expensive. Some even throw treats and provide aromatherapy benefits.

In this post, we’re comparing the 6 most highly reviews dog web cameras on Amazon.

What to Look for in a Dog Camera

When considering which dog camera is right for you, consider the following points.

  • Range of view. Since dogs move around during the day, you’ll want a camera that can move with her. A camera that detects motion is best.
  • Treat dispenser. If you want to feed your pup treats during the day, choose a model that allows you to do that. Simply load the treats in and use the app on your phone to dispense them whenever your dog is being a good boy.
  • Two-way audio. Most cameras have two-way audio, allowing your pet to listen to you too. That way, you can give praise and check in to say hello.
  • Two-way video. If you want your dog to be able to see you too, choose the option that features two-way video. This is a great option is a family member lives away from home and your dog gets happy just at the sight of their face.
  • Night vision. If you’re away during evening hours, make sure to choose a camera that has good night vision.


Best Dog Cameras

Dog Food BrandPriceHighlights# of ReviewsRating
Furbo Dog Camera

dog camera, pet webcam
$199Monitor on phone, tosses treats to your dog, 2-way audio (detects barking), 160-degree angle, night vision3,4804
Clever Dog Pet Camera

dog camera, pet webcam
$34.99See dog on app, activity alerts (ex. barking), 120-degree angle, night vision, two-way audio, SD card + cloud storage options2283.5

dog camera, pet webcam
$299.99Two-way video (your dog can see you), dispenses treats on demand, calming aromatherapy feature, made in the U.S.3684
Click image to open expanded view TOOGE Pet Camera

dog camera, pet webcam
$39.99See dog on app, night vision, two-way audio, motion detection with notification alerts8704
Victure Pet Camera

dog camera, pet webcam
$35.99Night vision, SD card, motion detection with notifications, two-way audio4234.5
PetCube Dog Webcam

$195.84Dispense treats on demand, see dog on app, 160-degree view, two-way audio, sound and motion detecters, cloud-based video storage544.5


dog treat camera


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