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Your Dog Can Netflix and Chill with Brisbane Dog Bed


If your dog doesn’t have a cool sofa, how is he supposed to Netflix and Chill? Brisbane Dog Beds make a fun evening possible.

Just imagine this: Joey the Shih Tzu invites his lady friend Bella the Chihuahua over for a Netflix and Chill evening. When Bella arrives, she sees Netflix is all queued up and popcorn is sitting on the coffee table. But she’s dismayed that there is nowhere to sit.

“What? You expect me to just sit on my rump!?” Bella says, her nose up in the air.

“Hmm… I forgot we’d need somewhere to sit,” Jack replies.

Bella wanders back to the front door and sits herself on the mat, hoping her owners come to pick her up soon. It’s only one minute into the date, and things are already a disaster.

She thinks back to the best date she ever had. His name was Toby. She didn’t remember much about him other than that he had a Brisbane Dog Bed. The crappy mat below her suddenly felt like the faux-leather sofa she rested on at Jacks. It was the one time in her life she actually felt human—the one time she actually felt like she was part of the world.

Jack wasn’t special—he wasn’t a funny dog and he wasn’t overly smart. In fact, he kind of smelled, something that Bella always hated. But she went on several more dates with him, just because she couldn’t resist his comfy couch. With it, a place that wasn’t home, felt like home.

Bella shook her head and remembered she was just laying on a cold, flat mat. She walked back into the living room, where her current date was sitting.

“Sorry, Bella, I overlooked where you were going to sit,” Joey said with a frown, followed by a quiet whimper.

“It’s not your fault, I just hoped you’d have one of those comfy sofas I’ve always dreamed of having myself,” Bella admitted, half apologetically.


“Oh yeah?” Joey questioned, “What kind of sofa is that?”

“The Brisbane Dog Bed… it’s only the hottest dog bed around!”

“Really? I never heard of it,” Joey said, headed over to the computer.

He pulled up Google and slowly typed in the search bar. His paws hit the wrong keys often, causing Bella to sigh.

“Here, let me do it. I’ve taken a few computer classes at the local library. My owners say I’ve become quite the typist. Some would even say I’m the world’s fastest dog typer.”

Wow, Joey thought, this Chihuahua is special—not only is she beautiful, but soon she will probably hold the Guinness World Record for fasted dog typist.

He smiled, moved aside, and let Bella take control of the keyboard.

Within only a couple of seconds, Bella had the keywords typed in and even pressed enter.

“I have to admit, I do have a little trouble with clicking,” Bella put her head down.

Joey let his nose fall to the mouse and clicked the first result.


“Wow, that is better than I even imagined. It’s like a sofa, only for dogs!” Joey exclaimed, staring at the magical bed.

“That’s not all! Our owners love it because the faux-leather makes it easy to wipe clean,” Bella explained.

“You’re starting to sound like a Brisbane Dog Bed salesman, Bella,” Joey said skeptically.

“You mean salesdog.”

Wow, she was also witty, Joey thought.

He clicked add to cart.

“How do you suppose you’re supposed to pay? In dog biscuits?” Bella said.

“I’m not stupid. I know dog biscuits are not an accepted currency… at least for humans.”

He headed over to his owner’s purse, picked up the wallet using his mouth, and carried it back to the computer.

“One of these is a credit card.”


“Are you sure your owners won’t be mad?”

“Who cares if they’re mad? Once it’s here, it’s here. They’re not going to return it.”

He picked out the credit card and placed it on the table. Bella started typing in the numbers and the billing information.

“You know Bella, I may have disappointed you tonight, and you may not come back. But I’m very thankful you at least came over once—you introduced me to what could very well be the greatest dog bed ever.”

Bella wagged her tail.

“Well, Joey, if you get the Brisbane Dog Bed, I can assure you that I will be over again!”



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